April 18, 2024

BTA tracker shows latest Covid damage

The UK lost £4.4 billion in GDP in the final week of May due to the drop in international and domestic business travel due to Covid restrictions, according to the latest data from the BTA.

The data, found using a tracker developed in partnership with Travelogix, showed that business travel trips from the UK dropped by 87.77% from 2019 pre-pandemic levels, with a reduction of 349,945 business trips.

This fall in business travel trips across 10 key routes has cost the UK Government £3.3 billion from international business travel and an additional £1.1 billion from domestic business travel, says the BTA.

Travel restrictions between the UK and the Republic of Ireland has cost UK GDP £679 million this week while a drop in travel to and from France cost UK GDP £594 million.

Figures were £343 million for the U.S. and £488 million for Germany.

Each week, the tracker will explore the reduction of business travel per week and its effect on GDP from ten of the top business travel destinations.

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