July 15, 2024

Blue Cube tackles wellbeing for top travellers

Travel management company Blue Cube has introduced a complimentary wellbeing package for its top 100 frequent travellers.

Perks of the new programme include VIP meet and greet services at London Heathrow and health food supplements to help mitigate the impact of jetlag.

Blue Cube has appointed Diamond Air International to provide agents to meet clients as they disembark flights and speed them through customs and security.

Agents will also assist with luggage and guide them to their waiting taxi or chauffeur service.

A ‘Travel Without Fatigue’ wallet containing a range of vitamin, mineral and food supplements will be supplied by travel wellbeing specialist 15th Degree.

“We recognise that business travel, particularly frequent long-haul travel, can have a huge impact on the health and wellbeing of our clients’ travellers,” says Mel Phaure, Director, Blue Cube Travel.

“Our business is very much based on personal service and truly taking care of our clients and their travellers during every stage of their trip. We have therefore looked at ways of supporting them with their wellbeing, whilst maintaining immunity and energy levels so they can hit the ground running.”

The TMC will be analyse feedback on the initial scheme before introduce a wider range of wellness packages for its clients in the year ahead.