October 3, 2023

Blue Cube signs with PSNGR1 for NDC

Blue Cube Travel has signed an agreement with booking and management platform PSNGR1 to integrate its technology alongside its own.

Kevin Trill, Director of Technology and Transformation, Blue Cube Travel, said: ‘We are now seeing green lights across our travel dashboards equalling pre-pandemic levels, and with this we continue to stay at the forefront of travel technologies for our customers which now includes PSNGR1 for NDC capabilities and next generation store front, as well as our Beyond Booking Analytics tool.

“We are excited at the third party integration possibilities PSNGR1 offers and look forward to seeing further content in PSNGR1 for Blue Cube Travel’s customers.”

Chris Moss, Founder and CEO of PSNGR1, said its solutions will now be part of Blue Cube’s self booking tool, delivering a travel technology experience that is “matched by the next generation workforces’ expectations, who are tech savvy and expect to be delighted”.

The announcement comes just days after PSNGR1 signed an agreement with Gray Dawes, under which the TMC is also taking PSNGR1’s next generation storefront, NDC capability and interface.

The PSNGR1 booking tool will be offered to customers alongside Gray Dawes’ existing technology partners Atriis and Concur.