May 26, 2024

BFP launches global entertainment tours company

Business First Partnership (BFP) and entertainment travel specialist Dan Horton, who previously worked at TAG, have launched Music First Partnership (MFP), specifically for global music and entertainment tours.

In the 25 years they have been operating, Business First Partnership says it has counted “music industry heavyweights” amongst its clientele but has never sought to focus on the industry specifically.

It said Horton will be bringing his extensive 15-plus years’ experience in the intricacies of touring travel management and the demands that go with it.

Nigel Taylor, CEO of Business First Partnership, said: “We have already invested in developing MFP’s own smart software designed around the travel manager and road manager. Interactive dashboards will display complex itineraries, cost against budget and key ground information on the tour destinations.

“This investment in technology is so important. It’s not an industry that can afford to be using antiquated systems, it’s a fast-paced demanding environment and MFP’s job will be to wholly support that.”