July 17, 2024

BeCause and Booking.com to offer API sustainability data

Booking.com has partnered with start-up BeCause to provide API for third-party sustainability certification data.

The partnership will enable the online travel platform to automate the way it updates and manages information.

Booking.com will receive, through a dedicated API, updated data in real time about accommodations that have earned more than 40 recognised third-party sustainability certifications.

Enterprise software company BeCause will replace manual update processes with automated sustainability data transfers. It will also map standards that align with Global Sustainable Tourism Council criteria and the data provided by tens of thousands of individual properties worldwide.

According to Booking.com’s latest Sustainable Travel Report, 57% of travellers say they would feel better about staying in a particular accommodation if they knew it had a sustainable certification, and 81% say sustainable travel is important to them.

Thomas Loughlin, Sustainability Manager at Booking.com, said: “Through our partnership with BeCause and the technical solutions they have created specifically for our platform, we’ve streamlined how we receive sustainability information from our accommodation partners that have invested in achieving a credible third-party certification, allowing us to focus our efforts internally on those areas where we can further innovate and have the most impact. 

“We get the accurate, trustworthy data that we need in real time, which we can then in turn automatically present to our customers, enabling them to make more informed decisions about how they choose to travel.” 

Frederik Rubens Steensgaard, CEO and Co-founder of BeCause, added: “Working with Booking.com, which beyond having an extensive global reach, has an equally considerable reputation for being a leader in sustainability issues and efforts, is a significant deal for our start-up. 

“It’s an ideal fit in terms of vision, needs and capability, and we look forward to helping Booking.com expand its sustainability data management capabilities even further as our partnership continues.”