February 24, 2024

BCD survey identifies main travel stress factors

Companies are lagging behind when it comes to providing wellbeing support for business travellers, according to a recent survey by BCD Travel.

Its poll of 875 business travellers worldwide found that although 89% said employee wellbeing is a priority at their company, only 51% feel that their company provides wellbeing support for travellers.

“Air transaction levels are currently at more than 50% of pre-Covid levels and they continue to rise,” said Mike Janssen, BCD Global Chief Operating Officer and Chief Commercial Officer.

“As employees get back to travel, companies should be aware of key stress factors for business travellers, stemming from disruptions related to ongoing pandemic uncertainties, travel restrictions and geopolitical events.”

The survey found pre-trip stress is caused more by complex procedures and sudden changes and less by the booking process.

The three main stress factors before a trip are understanding Covid regulations and preparing required documents (54%), re-booking in case of changes or cancellations (44%), and reconciling trip and personal life (41%).

Booking flights (18%) and accommodation (16%) was found to be the least stressful factors.

During travel the most stressful factors were flight delays and cancellations (64%), tight connections (53%), and having to travel in economy class for long-haul flights (40%).

Post-trip stress factors include catching up on office work (51%), preparing expense reports (45%), and catching up on missed household or family duties (39%).

Jet lag (22%) and following up on a trip’s business results (21%) were identified by business travellers as the least stressful.

When asked how companies can support traveller wellbeing via their travel policy and other measures, business travellers suggested offering direct flights, allowing airplane seat selection, providing convenient hotel locations, providing fast-track security programs such as TSA PreCheck, and allowing business class for long-haul flights.

Other measures that can help traveller wellbeing are recommending restaurants with healthy food, nutrition, sleep and recovery advice, gym memberships when travelling, allowing ‘bleisure’ trips and giving extra time off to compensate for business travel outside working hours.