April 24, 2024

BCD offers new approach to hotel sourcing

BCD Travel has launched a dedicated global hotel division in what it calls a "dramatically new approach to managing hotel programmes".

Called Stay by BCD Travel, the new division offers spend management, content aggregation, shopping and booking, virtual payment and digital invoice management, price assurance, hotel rate availability management, analytics and awareness and adoption campaigns.

“Hotels are the most critical battleground for customers,” says Global Chief Operating Officer and Chief Commercial Officer, Mike Janssen.

“They represent the second largest spend category in travel and are increasingly the measure by which programmes succeed or fail, whether we’re talking about savings or satisfaction.

“Our innovative, data-driven hotel approach helps travel and procurement managers win this battle.”

The TMC says it is moving the focus away from “resource-draining seasonal sourcing” to instead focus on spend management strategies such as merchandising, market-level rate targets and price assurance.

“Great hotel programs are nothing if you don’t drive adoption,” says April Bridgeman, BCD’s Senior Vice President, Hotel Solutions.

“When you focus on bringing people into the program and invest effort into spend management strategies beyond sourcing, you’ll achieve materially better results than traditional approaches. It’s time to shift resources to strategies proven to add more value.”