May 18, 2024

BCD launches digital tool for managing unprofiled travellers

BCD Travel has launched BCD Invite, a digital tool designed to simplify the process of managing guest or “unprofiled” travellers in a programme.

The proprietary technology works alongside the BCD platform, integrating programme policy, authorisation and duty of care for trip management.

Managers can add travellers, create temporary profiles, track booking status and stay connected to travellers throughout the trip. The travel manager can set event types, configure rules and invite attendees.

Key benefits of BCD Invite include:

  • Profiles are created in real-time and sync with the preferred booking tool regardless of GDS or market.
  • Profiles are created with an expiration date ensuring they automatically deactivate from all booking tools for better security management.
  • Trip request details are managed electronically to improve the travel management experience for event participants, arrangers and agents.

“The majority of BCD customers manage a significant volume of unprofiled travellers, particularly our Media & Entertainment and Life Sciences customers,” said Yannis Karmis, Senior Vice President of Product Planning and Development at BCD Travel. 

“In the future, arrangers will be able to ‘invite’ both profiled and unprofiled meeting attendees to a specific event with custom booking parameters. This will vastly simplify group travel management for organisations.”

BCD Invite is available globally for BCD customers.