July 25, 2024

BA partners with CHOOSE for new emissions tool

British Airways is launching an upgraded climate software solution to help individual passengers and corporate customers better understand, calculate and take action to reduce their travel emissions. 

In a partnership with climate tech company CHOOOSE, BA is launching an online platform, CO2llaborate, to allow customers to calculate their carbon emissions and make better informed decisions designed to reduce their impact.

An evolution of its existing carbon offsetting tool, the new CO2llaborate solution features more precise emissions calculations and a new adjustable slider to give customers more control over the amount of SAF versus verified carbon offsets they wish to purchase. 

The SAF available on the CO2llaborate platform comes from the Phillips 66 plant in Humberside, which uses waste cooking oil as the feedstock, providing lifecycle emissions reductions of over 80% compared to traditional fossil-based jet fuel.

In a first for its corporate customers, the CO2llaborate platform will also offer a dedicated climate programme for companies to measure, reduce and manage the carbon emissions associated with their business flying.  

Corporate clients will get access to a dashboard that shows the CO2 emissions generated from their business travel and receive monthly emissions reports.

Companies will then be able to select how to address their carbon emissions by selecting specific climate solutions ranging from purchasing SAF to contributing to certified carbon offset projects.

The platform enables users to track and report on their climate impact over time and learn about the climate solutions they are supporting.  

Meanwhile, individual customers can access the CO2llaborate platform directly from their seat during their flight using the airline’s free Wi-Fi portal, or at any time before or after their flight by visiting the CO2llaborate platform, accessed through the airline’s website.