May 20, 2024

Job vacancies up but candidate numbers dip

The number of new job opportunities in the travel industry rose to its highest August total since 2017, according to the latest figures from C&M Travel Recruitment.

Figures were up by 40% compared to August 2022, up by 78% from August 2021, up by 9% from August 2019 and up by 12% from August 2018.

August 2023 also recorded the third highest monthly total of new travel roles so far this year, despite the summer traditionally being a quiet time for recruitment.

However, in contrast, the volume of new candidates searching for jobs in the travel industry fell by 18% in August to its lowest level in 2023 so far.

However, with the exception of December, August is traditionally the slowest month of the year for travel recruitment.

August 2023’s figure stands just 4% below August 2022, 15% below August 2021, 9% below August 2019 and up by 7% from August 2018.

The month also saw a fall in new travel job placements, with August’s total dipping by 26% from the previous month and by 58% from August 2022.

Barbara Kolosinska, C&M Managing Director, said: “August is always one of the slowest months of the year for recruitment, with holidays and late summer childcare taking priority for both job seekers and decision makers.

“Despite that, August was a much busier month for new vacancies than we have seen in recent years.

“Lots of exciting roles have newly been made available and this should lead to an increase in job placements in the next couple of months. Also, travel salaries have now been steadily rising for around two years and we’re continuing to see monthly increases as companies battle for the best candidates in the market.”