March 1, 2024

ATPI expands UK team with three new roles

ATPI has further expanded its UK team with the creation of three new roles reporting to Katie Skitterall, Group Commercial Director. 

Following the appointment of Jamie Blackall as Head of Global Bid Management, Tristan Hindley joins as Director of Global Sales, David Hutton as Head of Sales Marine and Energy (based in Aberdeen), and Nick Lamb as Commercial Head of Sports.

In addition, Deepa Dorai joins as Global Customer Success Director. 

Katie Skitterall said: “ATPI has seen significant growth across all business lines in the last 12 months and in order for us to keep up with the increased activity, it was time to expand our senior team.

“Each new role will focus on a business line, lead the strategy and drive the growth even further for 2023 and beyond.”

James Draper, ATPI Head of UK Sales, added: “The level of activity we are seeing across the business areas is unreal. In this post-Covid world, and with more budget constraints being placed on corporate travel teams, I think a stable TMC is vital to any organisation.”