July 15, 2024

Amex GBT creates team devoted to AI

American Express Global Business Travel has created a senior team to lead an artificial intelligence (AI) initiative.

Michael Esquibel, SVP Technology Strategy & Engineering, has been tasked with “driving efficiency, productivity and progress through AI” and has appointed the following people:

  • Marilyn Markham as VP, Engineering & AI Strategy to lead the team in fostering the adoption of AI capabilities across the organisation in a secure, compliant, and scalable manner
  • Erica Trevino as VP, Operations System Strategy & Optimisation, focused on using AI for greater efficiencies on the frontlines for global travel counsellors
  • Jake Hautly as VP, Finance Systems Strategy & Optimisation, dedicated to modernising finance processes and creating greater confidence in financial forecasting
  • Neil Kirk, VP Technology Services, to be engaged in initiatives for staff productivity in view of updating enterprise tools with AI components.
  • The immediate focus will be adopting next generation AI technologies and enhanced governance across four key areas of the organisation: traveller care, finance, engineering, and enabling a modern workplace.

The team will be conducting several assessments and partnering with legal, privacy, compliance, procurement, and cybersecurity to determine the right technology solutions and advise on the new risks introduced by AI.

Markham said: “Artificial intelligence will supercharge our colleagues and bridge a path to automation previously limited by the language-data barrier. Scaling AI for Amex GBT will unlock efficiencies and inspire product innovation to elevate user experiences for our colleagues, our clients, and their travellers.”

In 2020, Amex GBT acquired AI start-up, 30SecondsToFly, which has been instrumental in developing the natural language processing in Amex GBT’s chat and email channels.

It also acquired Egencia from Expedia Group in 2021, which brought additional AI and data science expertise, complementary technology, and enterprise capabilities.