June 13, 2024

American Express GBT partners with GroundSpan.

American Express GBT has redesigned its ground transport offering for customers in North America through a partnership with GroundSpan.

Now available in Egencia, customers will have access to GroundSpan’s global ground transportation supplier network, which includes multiple vehicle types such as chauffeured sedans, SUVs and multi-passenger vans.

Clients’ existing negotiated rates with their preferred suppliers will also be available in GroundSpan. 

In cities across North America, customers will have the ability to book chauffeured transportation and have access to new booking features, regardless of their company size or transaction volume.

Egencia has also revamped its ground transportation booking and travel management offering for customers in the US and Canada, enabling travellers or arrangers to book ground transportation in three simple steps – search, select and book.

New features include pre-populated business reporting data fields and custom frequently used pick-up and drop-off locations to improve the time to book.

Flight details are also automatically passed on to the vehicle supplier for active flight monitoring for delays or schedule changes that may impact the traveller’s journey.

The Egencia Analytics Studio enables travel managers to quickly view trends in overall ground transportation spend. They can access the full data set to have a deeper analysis with 50 different data points including active bookings, number of cancellations, distance travelled, location, booking per supplier, and total cost.