June 13, 2024

Amadeus publishes digital travel research

Amadeus has unveiled a new report analysing digital travel needs in the UK to help online travel sellers make sense of customer preferences and market dynamics.

The Digital Footprints research draws on the experiences of more than 1,000 British travellers who had used an online agency to book travel in the past year.

Among the report’s key findings, more than a quarter think booking online takes more time than it did two years ago, and almost a third have abandoned an online booking because of hidden charges, demonstrating the importance of simplicity and transparency in booking systems.

Sustainable travel is also a consideration, with 45% of travellers now saying they would choose less convenient timings if it meant their trip was more environmentally friendly.

The research found travellers are open to more personalisation of the online booking experience too with more than half of travellers saying they would be happy to share personal details if it meant they received more personalized options and it sped up the process.

Travellers also stated that personalization throughout the booking experience was important, with 83% saying it is crucial they are able to manage their inflight experience through selecting seats or choosing a specific meal.

The report is part of a series covering 14 markets from Argentina to the USA and drawing on insights from local travellers.

To read the report go to: amadeus.com/digital-footprints