April 23, 2024

Amadeus: Majority of travellers comfortable with digital health passports

The vast majority of frequent travellers would be comfortable using a digital health passport for future trips, according to Amadeus research published today. 

A survey of 9,055 travellers in the UK, France, Spain, Germany, India, UAE, Russia, Singapore, and the U.S. found 91% would be comfortable using the proposed passports.

The study also showed 41% would book international travel within six weeks of restrictions lifting, demonstrating a strong appetite to travel. 

Nearly three quarters (74%) would be willing to store their travel health data electronically if it enabled them to pass through the airport faster with fewer face-to-face interactions and 72% said they would be willing to store their travel health data electronically if it enabled them to travel to more destinations.

But the survey also found 93% travellers said they have some concerns around how their health data for travel would be stored.  

The three main concerns identified were security risks with personal information being hacked (38%), privacy concerns around what health information needs to be shared (35%), and lack of transparency and control over where the data is shared (30%). 

The survey also explored what solutions might alleviate concerns around digital health data and travel and found:

  • 42% of travellers said a travel app that could be used across the whole journey would greatly improve their overall travel experience and reassure them their information is all in one place 
  • 41% agree a travel app would reduce their stress around travel 
  • 62% would be more likely to use an app to store their health data if a travel company partnered with a trusted healthcare company.  

Decius Valmorbida, President Travel for Amadeus, said: “There is no doubt that Covid-19 will continue to shape the way we travel in the months ahead, just as it influences so many other areas of our lives.

“Yet while there are still uncertainties, research like this reinforces my optimism that we will build back travel better than before.”

He said collaboration across governments and the industry is the key to restarting travel.


Main image: istock.com kanyakits