May 20, 2024

Advito partners with eco.mio

Advito and eco.mio have partnered to integrate Advito’s emissions data into eco.mio’s gamification platform.

Their aim is to highlight the most sustainable choices for business travellers in the air search of several online booking tools. 

The partnership allows travel managers to optimise air travel booking patterns in real-time and incentivise employees to opt for more sustainable travel choices.

Interfacing with online booking tools like cytric, Egencia, and SAP Concur, eco.mio assesses historical travel patterns, up-to-the-minute corporate pricing and availability, as well as the client’s policy and travel culture to calculate carbon emissions and cost benchmarks.

It incentivises and rates behaviour changes by spotlighting greener and more cost-effective choices within the OBT and offering tailored incentives. 

The GATE4 integration is currently available to power eco.mio’s recommendations in the air search results of the client’s OBT.

GATE4 accounts for factors such as aircraft type and radiative forcing (the non-CO2 emissions from air travel).

eco.mio works with the client’s existing OBT and requires no changes to the environment or booking process. 

Julien Etchanchu, Senior Director of Sustainability at Advito, said: “This collaboration aligns with Advito’s dedication to drive positive transformation across the travel industry. We’re not only putting the power in the hands of travellers and organisations to meet their climate objectives, but also the potential to achieve cost efficiencies along the way.”