April 22, 2024

Advantage renames WIN Global Network

The Advantage Travel Partnership has renamed its global network WIN as The Advantage Global Network.

The TMC group became a 95% shareholder in the global network in 2017 after buying out two other shareholders.

All Advantage member TMCs can be part of the network, which now covers 6,000 locations in 81 countries.

As part of their membership, TMCs can get access to a Global Accommodation Programme and Global Air Programme.

Advantage Travel Partnership’s CEO, Julia Lo Bue-Said, told The Business Travel Magazine the rebrand was prompted by increased awareness of the Advantage name, particularly during the pandemic.

The consortium has been actively lobbying and campaigning on behalf of the business and leisure travel sectors in the last 18 months, raising its profile as a result. 

“We wanted to simplify our business travel proposition. It’s been something we’ve wanted to do for some time. It makes total sense,” said Lo Bue-Said.

“Bringing consistency of name will strengthen our global business travel offering and better incorporate the global network into our core business, making it easier for UK members and international partners to communicate its benefits and facilitate collaborative enterprises with each other. The rebrand also better reflects the place and importance our global network has within the Advantage family.”

John Hobbs-Hurrell, formerly head of WIN Global Travel Network and now Head of The Advantage Global Network, added: “The rebrand will bring additional benefits, not just to our existing Advantage Global Business Travel members, but also to our international partners who will find, through the increased brand exposure, more engagement with Advantage Global Business Travel members bringing about new opportunities through the networking prospects available to them. The network will continue to provide a connected community of TMCs around the world which we will continue to grow following the rebrand.”