July 17, 2024

Advantage partners with testing specialist

The Advantage Travel Partnership has partnered with Covid-19 PCR testing company, Randox Health, to support TMC members and their clients.

Following the UK Government’s calls to drive down the cost of traveller testing, Randox announced it would reduce the cost of a Covid-19 PCR test from £120 to £60 with selected industry partners.

Randox has already become a provider for British Airways, offerings its customers tests at the cheaper price.

Corporate clients of Advantage TMCs can now also get tests at the discounted rate using an exclusive code on the Randox website.

Testing kits will be sent to the client’s home address where they will do the test and drop it at one of the 120 drop boxes or partner clinics across the UK. Results will be sent back to the client within 24 hours.

Dr Peter FitzGerald, Randox Managing Director, said: “We can see the pressures faced by the both the travel industry and the general public and are committed to effective and economical testing to support holidaymakers and those undertaking international travel.”