March 1, 2024

Advantage launches dedicated business travel insurance

The Advantage Travel Partnership has launched a “simple, comprehensive, and low-cost” insurance product for its TMC members to share with clients.

It says since the pandemic many TMCs have faced restricted cover from business travel insurers and are now turning to specialists with in-depth knowledge of the market.

The new policy, developed by the consortium’s in-house insurance broker, Advantage Financial Services (AFS), can cover all employees, contractors and guests without the need to list every traveller. There will be no excesses, medical screenings or medical-condition exclusions required.

Heather Haggis, Head of Advantage Financial Services (AFS), said: “Many businesses are finding it difficult to navigate the ever-changing tides of business travel insurance and require the assistance of a party they can trust – and that’s where we can help. Businesses trust their TMC, but often feel the need to turn to experts in this field as it is highly specialist. 

“At Advantage Financial Services we are experienced specialists when it comes to business travel insurance. We are able to service insurance requests at no cost to TMCs and offer competitive prices to their clients. Our new business travel insurance is a core product offering that sits as a part of our business solutions offering which we will be continuing to expand over time.” 

The product has already been tested by Advantage member TAG.

Sam Robson, Group Events Director at TAG, said: “Like many others in the travel industry, we are seeing increased restrictions in business travel coverage. Because of this, it is vital for a company we trust, like Advantage, to be able to provide this service at a fair price point.

“We highly recommend the service to any TMCs looking for business travel insurance and to those experiencing difficulty with bespoke requests.” 

Prices for policies begin from £288 + 12% tax.