May 26, 2024

Advantage CEO is honoured by University for lobbying efforts

Julia Lo Bue-Said, CEO of The Advantage Travel Partnership, has been awarded the honorary award of Doctor of Letters of the University of West London.   

The award was presented by the University’s Honorary Awards Committee “in recognition of her professional profile and experience that makes her a role model for the University’s students”. 

The nomination for the award was made by Jane Middleton of The Authentic Travel Company, who has been a member of The Advantage Travel Partnership since 2019 and who was awarded with a Doctor of Letters award of the university last year.   

Middleton said: “Julia did so much for the industry over the course of the pandemic by stepping outside of her comfort zone and becoming the voice of the industry, when we desperately needed to be heard. In doing so, she helped to significantly raise the profile of the industry with the media and government. This award completely epitomises her outstanding achievements.” 

Professor Peter John CBE, Vice Chancellor of the University, added: “It’s a fantastic achievement for Julia and fully deserved.  The result of many years of hard work and lobbying the government through the pandemic.” 

Lo Bue-Said said: “I am deeply honoured and humbled to have been awarded with this prestigious lifetime award.  It will act as a constant reminder of the importance of raising the profile of our industry to those in education. 

“The industry has so much to offer graduates and everyone looking to work in travel.  It has afforded me so many opportunities and I will always be indebted to my colleagues and associates across the industry who have always inspired and supported me during my career.”

She told students at the presentation: “As postgraduates considering your next step, my industry is crying out for new talent. Whether it’s a role in aviation, business travel, with a tour operator or as a retail travel agent, the opportunities are endless.

“The travel industry houses lawyers, accountants, digital marketeers and political advisors. You are all our next generation of leaders, and I look forward to welcoming you to our great industry as we continue to drive forward its growth through innovation and dynamism. 

“Being part of a global community, travel is a catalyst for growth in local economies, not only providing good-quality jobs, but opportunities for innovation and business creation, as well as funds for conservation, and ultimately has a tremendous social impact. Travel is also a force for good. When we power more travel, we unleash more opportunities to strengthen connections, broaden horizons and bridge divides.”