July 15, 2024

Advantage and AITO driving MP engagement with travel agencies 

As part of their UK Outbound Travel Think Tank collaboration, The Advantage Travel Partnership and AITO have launched a joint MP Engagement Programme on the back of National Travel Agents’ Day.

An invitation was issued to all UK MPs to visit the shops and offices of the travel businesses in the constituencies in which the organisations’ members are located.

Over 330 invitations were sent to MPs across the UK, and visits have already taken place with local travel businesses, including TMCs.

Requests for future visits have been forthcoming from 30 more MPs and these will be fulfilled in August and September.

Julia Lo Bue-Said, CEO, The Advantage Travel Partnership, said: By illustrating to MPs how outbound travel businesses are central pillars of their local business communities, we are building a strong caucus of supporters in Parliament.

“This should considerably strengthen our case for the industry to receive better Ministerial representation, while also reminding those in power what a massive economic contribution the travel sector delivers to UK PLC and to the overall economy.”