May 18, 2024

ABTA and Deloitte launch Climate Action Guidebook

ABTA and Deloitte have launched a Climate Action Guidebook advising travel businesses about how to decarbonise.

The manual, launched at ABTA’s Travel Convention in Marrakech this week, is designed help business leaders gain technical knowledge and understanding on carbon reduction and the practical steps their businesses can follow to take action.

Alistair Pritchard, Lead Partner for Travel and Aviation at Deloitte, said it was a challenging time for the industry but it has to operate in a more sustainable way.

“Investors and shareholders are increasingly focused on how sustainable a business is and the people who work for you will want to know that your business is sustainable. Increasingly we also see customers talking about this,” he said.

The guidebook provides insight on current carbon reporting and reduction targets required to help reach the UK’s net-zero targets and information on climate-related risks and how to manage them.

It also offers guidance on how businesses can measure their carbon footprint and ways to approach a net-zero commitment.

In a panel on sustainability at the Travel Convention, Tim Alderslade, Chief Executive of Airlines UK, said it was imperative for the industry to take action to reduce its carbon footprint but said the UK Government needs to play its part.

He said the new Prime Minister, Liz Truss, has made “encouraging noises” around the Government’s commitment to net zero but said Airlines UK was “keeping a watching brief on it”.

Alderslade called on the Government to invest in sustainable travel innovations, particularly supporting the manufacturing of SAF in the UK.

But he said the travel industry needs to pivot slightly in the way it approaches its lobbying.

“We need to focus on the economic benefits and job creation of supporting investment in SAF production, particularly in post-industrial areas, and focus on the export potential,” he said.

“That’s the pitch for the Labour Party too. It needs to be couched in terms of economic growth.”