July 15, 2024

Everyone’s talking about… NDC

As the industry takes the next step in its NDC journey, we asked seven experts to share their views

Riaan van Schoor, CEO, Agentivity

If only we had more transparency and dialogue, especially between airlines and agents about not only their reasons for wanting to pursue NDC but also their plans and the time lines around it, we’d all be so much better off. We all know it’s an initial focus on costs. Why can’t we just get that admitted and then focus on the future upside, which airlines should be held accountable for now producing.

Paul Tilstone, Managing Partner, Festive Road

Buyers have got to get their heads around where distribution is headed and how they need to adapt. It’s an incredibly complex topic, but we break it down to our clients in terms of what it means to cost and customer experience, short term and long term. 

Jack Ramsey, CEO, TripStax

The fragmentation that NDC has caused will inevitably lead to a new form of content aggregation. Will the GDSs change and continue to be the centralised distribution platform, or will we see a new form of aggregator emerge, ultimately distributing the same seats on the same airlines but via a new tech landscape and with a new commercial model?

Scott Davies, CEO, ITM  

Our buyer members are feeling battered by the challenges of air content and lack of readiness for NDC; many have described it as a ‘mess’; hence ITM has set up a Distribution Taskforce to help buyers find workable. solutions

Julie Oliver, Global COO & CEO Europe, Reed & Mackay

Airlines are at different stages of their NDC journey, so the GDS isn’t going away soon. However, the benefits of NDC over traditional fare ladders are clear, and with airlines offering exclusive content via the channel, clients will expect their TMCs to be able to provide them with cost-saving solutions via NDC.

Adam Kerr, CEO, Tripism

Content fragmentation is a real issue for buyers leading to leakage and lack of cost control. Buyers and Business travellers needs one source of truth for their travel programme.

Catherine Logan, Regional VP, EMEA and APAC GBTA

As an industry it’s important that we continue to evolve and work together to offer business travellers the content they need in a way that supports and services the corporate travel programme.

The Business Travel Magazine, in partnership with TripStax and Kyte, is holding a Business Travel Lunch Forum on The NDC Conundrum on April 18 at the Caledonian Club, London. To register your interest, email kirsty.hicks@thebusinesstravelmag.com