July 16, 2024

Roomex leverages API for carbon reporting tool

Roomex has teamed up with SQUAKE to help organisations measure their carbon emissions.

The carbon reporting feature, which leverages SQUAKE’s API, provides monthly statements with anonymised booking data and comprehensive carbon emission details for each booking.

It supports two reporting methodologies: HCMI and DEFRA.

Highlights include identifying and mitigating environmental risks; enhancing brand value and reputation; compliance with regulations; and access to capital.

Garry Moroney, CEO of Roomex, said: “As global awareness of environmental sustainability grows, businesses are increasingly seeking ways to reduce their carbon footprint. According to 2023 YouGov market research conducted by Roomex, 12% of businesses identify sustainable reporting as one of the top three challenges that their business faces when booking corporate travel — ahead of issues such as price. 

“Our partnership with SQUAKE enhances our commitment to sustainability by empowering our customers to make informed decisions, identify high-risk areas and implement strategies to reduce their environmental impact. This is a significant stride towards sustainable travel practices.”

Natalie Estment, Head of Partnerships at SQUAKE, added: “We’re delighted to partner with Roomex to help drive sustainable travel practices.

“By combining our advanced carbon tracking technology with Roomex’s comprehensive platform, we can provide businesses with the resources they need to understand and reduce their carbon footprint. This collaboration amplifies our mutual commitment to environmental responsibility and innovation in the business travel sector.”