May 18, 2024

Solid foundations

As CAP Worldwide celebrates its fifth anniversary, we check in with Global Sales Director, Jess Sharpe

What is CAP Worldwide?  

We’re self-funded, majority female-owned and also the fastest-growing serviced apartment agency, founded in June 2019 by Jo Layton and Andrew Hopgood. Both, like me, have been in the industry for many years. We specialise in creating programmes for global accounts and have teams in the UK, Hungary, Asia Pacific and the US. We are a team of highly-experienced professionals who help our clients manage their global extended-stay programmes, showing them how to maximise their spend and create sustainable, secure and cost efficient solutions. But what makes CAP special is our people, our culture and our dedication to our clients. It’s the reason I joined the company.   

Tell me more about your people:

We’ve grown from five people to a team of 50 today – with 75% female leadership – and we’re a very diverse organisation in other ways too. Our diversity allows us to access each individual’s strengths – some are very meticulous, some incredibly creative – and we allow every person to be amazing in their own right. We’re treated like adults and are trusted to do our jobs to the best of our abilities and, most importantly, to be our true selves. 

How would you describe the CAP culture? 

From the very start, CAP has been built on a culture of integrity, diversity, dignity and trust, and that extends from our people to our relationships with our clients. Our clients cite our company culture as the reason they do business with us and it’s why our people join CAP and thrive. Jo leads us in a very authentic and compassionate way. Everyone at CAP is encouraged to be the best version of themselves, while working as one cohesive team. There are no individual targets or bonuses – we are all rewarded in the same way. When we win an account, we win it together. It’s deeply engrained in our culture. It’s the reason we have managed to gain the trust of really big global clients, and hold on to them.  

What are CAP’s plans for the next few years?  

Of course, we want to grow, but we want to do it organically. We don’t want to be the biggest and overstretch ourselves or lose the focus on the effective client programmes we have in place. Everything is led by our clients. We continue to actively listen to what they want and need, and provide actionable insights to future-proof their programmes. We only work with contracted clients, so we don’t get distracted by one-off enquiries, and that’s what we’ll continue to do. We are a global serviced apartment booking agent, with excellent technology, but our client relationships are so personalised it’s blows my mind. It all comes back to our people.