May 28, 2024

Sporting chance

The annual ITM Conference will be virtual for a second time but, says CEO Scott Davies, there are some advantages

Can you remember when we used to meet face-to-face, to share and learn, or just enjoy each other’s company? It’s almost two years since ITM’s last in-person conference in Brighton, but it’s important to look for positives and Covid vaccines mean that we are, at least, a step closer to being together again than we were yesterday.

For ITM’s 2021 annual conference, however, we took the decision to convene virtually once more in April. The conference theme appropriately is ‘Revive’ with a programme aimed at supporting the re-birth of business travel and helping business travel professionals to optimise their place within it.

Looking for those positives again, there are two key advantages of a virtual event. Firstly, more delegates can attend because we’re not limited by seating or catering. Secondly, you can aim high with your speakers because logistics are less challenging. So, we’re expecting nearly 1,000 delegates and our keynote speakers include two sporting legends: Gary Neville, ex-footballer and hospitality entrepreneur, as well as Martin Offiah, ex-professional rugby player and champion of diversity and environmental issues. Plus we have lined up global airline CEOs and insights from the superb IPSOS Mori.

We are also raising the bar for virtual events as delegates will be able to interact via virtual breakout rooms and a ‘networking hall’ so we can better replicate the way we spark off each other in person. We’re also including an evening of virtual entertainment like no other seen in the industry.

ITM has always considered it a privilege to bring the business travel community together for an uplifting conference programme. It’s even more of a privilege in 2021. We can’t wait to see you on April 27-28 as we start to recover from the greatest challenge our industry has ever faced.

The Revival is on!