April 18, 2024

People Awards: Guidance for submissions

Follow these tips to make sure your nominations for the Business Travel People Awards have the best chance of impressing the judges

  • Users can enter any number of nominations and leave them unfinished before returning to complete and submit them at a later date.
  • Submissions should ideally come from someone else within the organisation – eg. a line manager, colleague, director – or from an industry partner or client. However, we will also accept self-nominations.
  • Please remember the awards are about people – individuals or teams – so make sure it’s clear who is the nominee is. We cannot accept submissions for a product or initiative, nor for the whole company. In your entry, please make it clear which individual or team you are entering.
  • In all categories, submissions must demonstrate how the nominee has gone ‘above and beyond’, so please don’t just describe their day-to-day responsibilities. We are looking for stand-out achievements.
  • All entries must include supporting evidence, such as videos, client, partner or peer testimonials.
  • Supporting evidence must be collated into one PDF document. Please keep the evidence clear and concise. Our judges have to review multiple entries in each category so don’t have the time to read 50 pages. If you’re struggling to scale back your supporting evidence, put the most impressive first. You can also include links to further content if required. 
  • Nominations are welcome for individuals/teams in multiple categories. For example, an individual could be entered as both a Shining Star and Account Manager of the Year. However, please make sure each submission is tailored to the specific category and is not a ‘copy and paste’.
  • Submissions will not be accepted from companies in categories they are sponsoring.