July 13, 2024

Ignore at your peril

Failing to act now on the new ISO 31030 could be the biggest risk of all, warns Lee Whiteing at Global Secure Accreditation

Since the launch of the long-awaited ISO 31030 last year, it is fast becoming one of the most talked about subjects in travel risk management. Developed from the existing ISO 31000, in collaboration with GSA’s Bob Quick, it addresses all aspects of corporate travel. 

It covers everything from authorisation, planning and policy to accommodation, transport and traveller assessment. It’s the only clear framework travel managers can use to create consistent and comprehensive travel risk management strategies. 

Although there has already been much conversation around the new ISO, the importance of this new framework really cannot be overstated. It not only provides a guide to the creation of a complete risk management strategy but guarantees that employee safety secures the right level of recognition and investment within a business. 

“The importance of this new framework really cannot be overstated”

The advice is now written in black and white. If read and implemented correctly, it will be the biggest asset for a travel manager. However, if ignored, it could become the biggest risk of all. No wonder it’s become so widely talked about. 

Lee Whiteing

Talking, however, is just the first step. As business travel returns in the coming the months, the standard must be read, understood and implemented. 

According to our recent poll over half of the participants still have not read the ISO despite their awareness of its importance. This clearly needs to change. 

The ISO has been developed to be easily accessible and understood by all. It is what the business travel community has needed for a long time and will help to reinforce the systems that are already in place, as well as identifying the gaps. 

As we move further into 2022, the new standard is giving travel managers the tools to navigate the ever-changing travel risk landscape. 

The shake-up of the industry due to Covid-19 has given rise to new areas of risk. The standard, however, will help relieve this uncertainty. 

“The ISO has been developed to be easily accessible and understood by all. It is what the business travel community has needed for a long time”

As well as highlighting areas for improvement, the survey we conducted also delivered some positive takeaways. The majority of the people do, in fact, have plans to embed the ISO 31030 into their organisation in 2022. This is a significant and positive reassurance as workers return to the office.

With the backing of the new standard behind them, travel managers will be able to create new and improved risk management programmes. 

We hope that as we continue to draw attention to this important subject, we will encourage wider understanding and adoption of these essential measures across the travel industry – creating enough momentum for meaningful change in 2022 and beyond.

Lee Whiteing is Commercial Director at Global Secure Accreditation (GSA)