July 17, 2024

GSA survey highlights lack of awareness of hotel crime

One in five business travellers in the UK have, or know someone that has, been the victim of crime when travelling for work, according to a survey commissioned by Global Secure Accreditation (GSA).

But 78% are not provided with any information on the safety and security of the accommodation they use.

The YouGov survey, which asked more than 1,000 UK business travellers about the safety and security of the accommodation chosen for them, found 69% were unaware that tens of thousands of crimes are reported in UK hotels annually.

Meanwhile 82% said they would feel reassured if they knew they were staying in accommodation that been independently accredited for security and safety.

Brian Moore, operations director at Global Secure Accreditation (GSA), said: “Hotels are magnets for criminals capable of accessing guest rooms and public areas containing cash, credit cards, identity documents, portable devices, luggage, and other valuable items. If left unchecked, the safety and wellbeing of business travellers is at risk. It is vital venues always adhere to the highest standards of safety and security, but businesses with travelling employees must also do their due diligence by checking accommodation providers deliver best practice.”

The results of the survey come on the back of recently released statistics from eight of the largest police forces across the UK showing there were 4,589 allegations of violence and 1,307 of public disorder — which often involves intimidation or the threat of violence — in hotels, motels, and guesthouses in the last 12 months.

There were also 3,999 reports involving theft, robbery, and burglary.

“The regulatory landscape has changed, and the introduction of ISO 31030 has set a new benchmark for duty of care to travelling employees, which includes selecting accommodation that has been independently accredited for its safety and security,” said Moore.

“Given the increased concern around business travel post-pandemic, it is important companies understand how to mitigate risks and demonstrate how seriously they take the safety and wellbeing of their travelling employees.”