May 20, 2024

Carbon offsetting services

Climate Care
One of the longest-established carbon offsetters has partnered with countless travel companies and even the Norwegian government to reduce their environmental impact by scaling up sustainable projects. Schemes include providing clean stoves in Kenya and protecting the Amazon.

Gold Standard
Independent auditors for carbon offset projects, Gold Standard asks you to measure your footprint using its carbon calculator and offers credits for green schemes such as reforesting biodiversity hotspots in Central America.

Chooose invites you to pick a monthly plan to buy carbon credits for Gold Standard-certified schemes that produce biochar, a solid carbon fertilizer made from biomass that helps safely absorb carbon back into the ecosystem.

Pure Leapfrog
Pure Leapfrog works with British Airways to offset carbon emissions from its flights. With its partner EcoAct, it allows organisations to balance carbon emissions by investing in carbon market projects working towards the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, such as wind farms in Turkey.

Carbon Footprint
Carbon Footprint makes it easy to offset emissions from flights, road and rail journeys. Entering basic travel data into its calculator gives an estimate of your carbon emissions, the amount it will cost to balance it out, and a range of projects to choose from.

Plan Vivo
Edinburgh-based charity Plan Vivo focuses on mitigating climate change with certified sustainable reforestation projects across the world including the creation of biodiversity corridors in Sri Lanka and supporting conservation projects in Indonesia.