February 24, 2024

Virgin upgrades on-board safety with new partnership

Virgin Atlantic has signed a partnership with CardioSecur, a medical tech provider from Germany, to upgrade its on-board safety equipment.

All flights are now equipped with the world’s smallest and lightest mobile ECG kit by CardioSecur, with the aim to save lives and reduce medical diversions. 

Virgin Atlantic has long been a pioneer in the passenger health space and is the only UK airline to have ECG capability in the air. 

In the early 2000s it was the first airline in the world to have an entirely ECG-equipped fleet.

Cardiovascular events are the single most common cause of medical flight diversions, making this advanced system a critical addition to Virgin Atlantic’s in-flight safety measures.

CardioSecur is a compact, intuitive system that allows Virgin Atlantic’s cabin crew to record 12-lead ECGs and send the results via WiFi and satellite to a ground-based medical service. 

The speed and sophistication of the system will provide the aircraft with critical feedback, detailing next medical steps, including whether a diversion is necessary or not. 

Corneel Koster, Chief Customer and Operations Officer at Virgin Atlantic, said: “The upgrade to this new state of the art mobile ECG capability on board of all our aircraft clearly demonstrates further leadership in shaping the future of customer health and I’m proud to be the first UK airline to offer CardioSecur’s new kit.”