February 24, 2024

TravelPerk opens new head office to cater for different work types

TravelPerk has opened a new Barcelona headquarters in the 22@ Innovation District, the city’s answer to Silicon Valley and already home to Amazon, Cisco and Vistaprint.

The new office expands the company’s workspace to 9,400 square metres across five floors.

It has been designed with fewer desks and more open collaboration spaces to enhance ‘in real life’ connections between employees and business partners.

In partnership with JLL, the office has been designed to suit four different personality types, identified as the social butterfly, busy bee, lone wolf and eager beaver, who might prefer to interact with colleagues or need more quiet areas to work.

The space also has a wellbeing room, gym and outdoor areas where employees can take breaks and boost their physical and mental health, alongside a cafe and bistro.

“The world has moved on from pre-pandemic ways of working, however, the need for in-person human interactions will never go away. That’s why we invested in creating a great physical space for our people. We wanted to give them a place that could accommodate all working styles while encouraging in-person interaction,” said Avi Meir, CEO, TravelPerk.

“TravelPerk has always been and will continue to be driven by our mission – to connect people in real life.” 

In 2022, TravelPerk’s revenue was 13 times higher than in 2019 and broke past $100m.

The company also grew its headcount by 71% globally and increased the number of active clients globally by 100% year-on-year in December 2022. 

For a look at the new post-pandemic office, watch this video.