February 24, 2024

Travelogix unveils tracking platform

Travelogix has launched a duty of care platform to help TMCs and their corporate clients locate every traveller based on the passive tracking of itinerary data associated with each trip.

The technology was unveiled to TMCs today at the company’s fourth Client Assembly in Birmingham after being tested with early adopter Meon Valley Travel.

The platform, called Geo, is accessible through the Analytix product and links every trip to create historic and future timelines.

Users will be able to view where travellers are currently located and where they are heading to, at any time, and on demand.

Geo is integrated with the Travelport booking file making it easy to get pre-trip data and real-time itinerary updates. Travelogix said it would also integrate Geo with Sabre and Amadeus on demand.

Real-time security alerts, multiple categories of reliable country information and an up-to-date Covid-19 risk map overlay have been provided by long-time partners, security experts Safeture.

Geo by Travelogix

Travelogix said phase two of Geo will “reimagine what a command centre should look like for a TMC, encapsulating a robust comms module and re-marketing capabilities for in-trip personalisation”.

Founder and CEO Chris Lewis said:“As we enter a new age for business travellers after the pandemic, we sensed a requirement for a more TMC focused duty of care platform.

“We deeply care about the industry, our travellers and the recovery of a sector that has always been so vibrant and energetic. And we believe with Geo, we can provide the ‘arm around the shoulder’ each traveller truly deserves.”