July 17, 2024

Travellers willing to be screened

By Steve Hartridge, published 1/05/20

The latest survey of GBTA members has found signs of optimism about the industry’s recovery.

The vast majority of business travellers are willing to be screened and tested in order to get back on the road once the pandemic restrictions are lifted, according to a survey.

Most frequent travellers would also be prepared to disclose their medical history, found the survey by Global Rescue, a specialist in travel risk and crisis response.

Global Rescue surveyed 1,300 of its members on April 23-24. Members include travellers working for large companies, government agencies, and universities.

It found 91% are willing to subject themselves to screening and testing and 73% are willing to disclose medical conditions related to a compromised immune system.

Most (93%) are willing to share their past 14-day travel history and 58% are willing to have their physical location tracked and traced with data temporarily retained.

The survey also asked travellers when they expect to be travelling again and found 41% expect to make their next trip by July or earlier, while 36% are planning their initial trip sometime between August and October.

A small number (9%) believe their earliest post-pandemic trip will be in November and December and only 7% expect to make their first trip sometime between January and March 2021.

Many (75%) said they expect their first trips post lockdown will be holidays with their families or to see friends, 10% said they would be for business only, while 15% believe their initial travel plans will be for both business and pleasure.