May 18, 2024

Travel policies not reflecting sustainability push

Sustainability and responsible travel are increasingly important to travel managers, but few companies are actually taking action by implanting new initiatives in their travel policies, according to new research.

The findings from GBTA and Concur show that only 27% of travel managers surveyed say their company encourages travellers to book with sustainable suppliers.

Furthermore, only 31% are currently working sustainable initiatives into travel policy and only 4% mandate travellers to select suppliers using sustainable practices.

“Global anxieties around sustainability continue to dominate the headlines,” says Pierre-Emmanuel Tetaz, SVP & GM – EMEA, SAP Concur. “Despite this it seems corporate travel programmes are not converting this into tangible employee education and T&E practices.”

He continues: “While individual contributions to choosing sustainable and eco-conscious options around travel and consumerism is great and shows willing, it’s corporations that are capable of steering us toward a more sustainable future. But there’s much work to be done.”

The survey showed that more than two-thirds (70%) of European travel managers believe it is important to empower travellers to make sustainable travel choices, and over half (57%) have received requests from travellers to do so.

“Business travel is a core part of all global business, so it’s crucial we find a way to mitigate the damage it causes the environment,” adds Tetaz.