July 16, 2024

TMC focus for AMGiNE and customer service platform

AI automation platform AMGiNE has teamed up with customer service platform Front to focus on TMCs in the UK.

The partnership will help corporate travel agencies cater to multiple booking channels and streamline the way travel requests are processed.

Now fully automated, push notifications are sent to an agent to alert them that a request is ready to be serviced. 

The Front workflow will route emailed requests to different groups of agents, before AMGiNE monitors incoming travel requests via webhooks and uses the customer service platform’s API to automate actions. 

Agents can also submit itinerary requests connected to a specific corporate account or traveller. The AI automation company returns content instantly and allows the agent to select flights, proceed to the booking or send selected options to the traveller. 

A webform also enables the agent to do a GDS search according to policy and traveller profile information, as well as generate responses to the traveller.

All incoming emails are classified by request, including invoices, changes or initial bookings.

Greg Apple, CEO of AMGiNE, said: “Front offers best-in-class inbox workflow management and customer service capabilities for TMCs. We intend to continue to grow our joint list of customers here in North America and now in the UK market.”

Craig Klemp, VP of Partnerships and Global Business Development at Front, added: “Front is deepening our investment in the corporate travel management industry. Our expanded partnership with AMGiNE adds even more efficiency to the travel planning experience for our current and future customers.”