May 28, 2024

Survey shapes FCM’s Covid hub

By Bev Fearis, published 8/07/20

FCM and Corporate Traveller have launched an interactive resource, Traveller Hub, in a bid to ramp up their duty of care support for clients.

The hub will provide up-to-date Covid-19 travel information, including border changes and restrictions, airline routes and safety procedures, hotel re-openings and hygiene measures, along with rail travel and car hire announcements.

Clients can search the information by supplier category, country or region and can also access tips and frequently asked questions.

A live interactive map, delivered by travel safety specialist Sitata, shows areas to avoid, the number of Covid-19 cases per country, recovery rates, and local social distancing rules.

An AI conversation-based messaging tool allows users to seek answers to coronavirus-related travel questions in a live chat environment.

The Traveller Hub is fully integrated within FCM Hub, the gateway to the TMC’s suite of technology solutions, as well as Corporate Traveller’s Your.CT technology platform.

It can also be accessed via Sam, the AI-based mobile app used by both FCM and Corporate Traveller clients’ business travellers.

The hub was developed following a multi-phase survey of 1,600 business travel managers, bookers and travellers.

“The second poll of our State of the Market survey showed that there is definitely an increasing sense of our clients needing to travel, but whilst the situation around Covid-19 remains unpredictable, with possible second waves and local lockdowns, it’s clear that duty of care, hygiene and safety are going to be the dominant considerations for our customers going forwards,” said John Morhous, Chief Experience Officer for FCM and Corporate Traveller.

“We are therefore even more focussed on giving clients the best possible support and resources in this respect and are excited to announce the launch of Traveller Hub as just one new development in our enhanced duty of care offering. Traveller Hub will enable clients to quickly find out anything and everything they need to know about planning a business trip in these challenging times.”

The survey found the majority of clients will be revamping their travel policies to reflect increased duty of care considerations post Covid-19, with 59% of participants saying traveller and supplier health and hygiene factors would be top priority, followed by duty of care obligations (44%).