June 13, 2024

Strikes by German airport security to disrupt flights

Travellers to and from Germany are being warned of major disruption to flights tomorrow (February 1) due to strikes by German airport security staff.

Lufthansa has told passengers not to go to the airport if they are flying from Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Bremen, Leipzig, Dresden and Erfurt.

Lufthansa said: “The trade union Verdi has announced strikes by security staff at several German airports on Thursday 1 February. Passengers can therefore expect considerable restrictions at security checkpoints.

“We strongly recommend that guests who wish to start their journey at Frankfurt, Hamburg, Bremen, Berlin, Leipzig, Dresden and Erfurt airports on 1 February do not come to the airport.

“This also applies to customers travelling by train to Frankfurt airport who have a connecting flight from Frankfurt. Due to the strike at the security checkpoints at Frankfurt airport, they will not have access to the departure area.”

Berlin Airport has cancelled all departures has warned that arriving flights might also be disrupted, while Frankfurt Airport says strikes will cause major disruptions and flight cancellations throughout the day.