February 29, 2024

Siemens rolls out Green Stay Initiative

Siemens will be the first global company to introduce a mandatory Green Stay Initiative (GSI) policy and request that hotels provide data about their environmental impact. Siemens has developed global, traceable, and standardised criteria to track and compare the carbon footprint of each individual hotel.  

Hotel providers will submit information via the Green Stay Initiative on aspects such as energy consumption, water consumption and waste per occupied room night. The calculation process involves providing environmental data based on recognized standards such as the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and ISO. Sustainable hotels are then highlighted and suggested to employees in the company’s internal business-travel booking tool. 

The Green Stay Initiative has been designed as an open-source tool for enabling other companies to travel more sustainably as well. More than half of Siemens’ supplier hotels have already provided their data.

 “The HRS Green Stay Initiative provides us with a uniform global standard for measuring and comparing hotels’ environmental footprints,” said Thorsten Eicke, Head of Global Mobility Services at Siemens AG. 

“By implementing this initiative, we can finally close a gap because, for our other suppliers, we already had a comparable standard thanks to our Carbon Web Assessment (CWA). We can now steer our hotel volume to support our ambitions for going green. This is a proven technology, and it’s clearly time to use these capabilities to serve our near-term and long-term sustainability goals.”

HRS CEO Tobias Ragge, said: “Sustainability is increasingly becoming the force driving corporate strategy. That’s why HRS has pledged to continue investing in sustainable technologies that will expedite the arrival of net-zero corporate lodging programs, all while helping the travel industry reach carbon neutrality years in advance of the 2050 goal outlined in the Paris Agreement.”