February 24, 2024

Reed & Mackay adds meeting bookings to platform

Reed & Mackay, now part of the TripActions Group, has added meeting booking capability to its travel and event management platform.

The innovation will provide fast access to thousands of Covid-19 safe venues, with centralised payment, as companies return to in-person meetings.

“Our clients asked us to centralise meeting and travel booking within one platform for a more cohesive experience,” said Julie Oliver, Chief Operating Officer, Reed & Mackay.

“Offsite meeting space is in demand. Not only do businesses need to know that a venue is Covid-19 safe, they also need to be able to adapt that meeting space to a hybrid set up at short notice in line with changing restrictions.”

Clients can select hybrid event technology for their meeting room at the booking stage and can align their meeting strategy with wider sustainability goals by saying no to plastic and paper usage when making a booking.

Oliver said the technology also provides one view of where travel and meetings are taking place to support a company’s duty of care.