May 20, 2024

Personalisation tops list of traveller expectation in 2023

Traveller expectations have changed over the past four years, with personalisation topping the agenda.

Consumers are seeking customisable offers when it comes to booking travel, plus the  support of modern digital tools. Flexibility and sustainability are also high on the traveller wish list. 

These are the findings of a new report – Catalysts for Change: Building the Hospitality Ecosystem of the Future – released by Amadeus. 

The news comes as travel continues to recover.

As of May 6, 2023, Amadeus data reveals on-the-books global hotel occupancy for June has reached 32%, trending above the 2022 and 2021 figures for the same month and standing just three points behind occupancy levels seen in 2019.

Leading destinations – including Rome and Paris in Europe, as well as Tokyo, Seoul and Singapore in Asia – are all seeing occupancies for June this year ahead of the same month in 2019.

Global hotel average daily rates (ADR) are also above pre-pandemic levels, standing at $216 for June this year, compared to $184 in the same month of 2019.

Francisco Pérez-Lozao Rüter, President, Hospitality, Amadeus said: “The travel industry has long benefitted from collaboration, and we see a real opportunity in combining content from key travel providers across hotels, mobility, and travel insurance to better meet the requirements of the travellers of today.

“To continue to drive demand across these sectors, providers need to be able to personalise their offering to maximise their revenues.”

Catalysts for Change leverages insight gathered from Amadeus’ Demand360® business intelligence data as well as interviews with hoteliers, mobility providers, travel sellers, travel insurance providers, and Amadeus executives.