March 3, 2024

People Awards: Meet the Sustainability Champions 2022

Having set up the business in the pandemic, winning a People Award was even more of an achievement for Trees4Travel CEO & Co-founder Nico Nicholas

Creating a travel start-up during the pandemic, took us through some highs and lows – start-up life is tough at the best of times, so winning this award made us feel that our efforts had been seen and gaining that recognition makes all the hard work worthwhile.

When we heard our names being called, there was disbelief, ecstasy, tears, disbelief, ecstasy, more tears, and repeat!

This award meant so much to Elkie and I, but honestly, this was something that was won by our team and our partners. Every single person who has engaged with us and given us the time to meet (especially when they were also fighting their own battles) means that we all won this. We have tried hard to ensure that everyone knows that they played an important role in helping us win this award, so besides feeling over the moon, I think pride was the strongest emotion.

This specific prize is so important in so many ways. Sustainability is so important and it’s so important to do this right. We believe that winning this award highlighted the fact that we go further, and it also shows that the industry recognises that we must go further.  This award helped to give confidence –  to us and our partners – to continue what we’re doing well, and not change tact.

If I was to give any advice to anyone considering entering this category in the 2023 awards, I would simply say GO FOR IT! And we will wish you the very best luck. The more people working towards sustainability, the more chance we have of effecting change. This is one prize where we’re all winners.