April 24, 2024

People Awards: Meet the Duty of Care winners

Lee Whiteing says GSA had managed to reach a wider audience since being joint winners, with PwC, of the Duty of Care Initiative of the Year award at the 2022 People Awards

To have our work with PwC recognised at the 2022 People Awards was a brilliant feeling. Realising the need to deliver best practice for mitigating corporate travel risk, we developed training programmes for corporates looking to enhance their understanding of ISO 31030. 

With the introduction of ISO 31030, corporates are finally answering the call from the industry for more meaningful duty-of-care initiatives for travelling employees. As one of the early corporate adopters, PwC is helping guide the way when it comes to ensuring employee safety – and we are confident the exposure from this award win will help encourage more corporates to follow suit.

I am sure if you look at the photos of me on the night, you will see that I was ecstatic. The award is truly testament to all the hard work put in to ensure PwC’s policies and procedures were ready for this new chapter of business travel risk management.

Everyone was so excited to find out we scooped the first-ever Duty of Care Initiative of the Year award. The Business Travel People Awards is widely respected in the industry, so taking top honours was a huge success we were all so proud of.

Winning this award has helped reach a wider and – more importantly – engaged audience, who are eager to follow in PwC’s footsteps by reassessing and revamping their existing travel risk management policies and procedures.

For anyone thinking about entering this year, I would say, above all, keep your submission simple. Every year the industry is evolving and delivering exciting new ideas and innovations but in some cases entrants may be tempted to include too much in their entry, which inevitably dilutes the overall message.

Ask yourself: What makes my entry truly unique? How will it help solve pain points in the industry? Why is it needed now more than ever? Answering these will put you on the path to a winning submission.