July 13, 2024

People Awards: Meet the Change Champion 2022

Dana Moore at Agiito has felt like a celebrity at times since being voted Change Champion in the 2022 Business Travel People Awards

Winning the Change Champion Award was an unforgettable moment. I was deeply honoured to receive such recognition from the industry.

When they called my name I don’t think it registered right away. Even on stage it was a little ‘rabbit in the headlights’ moment.

There was some serious competition in the Change Champion category from two amazing ladies whose work equally was driven by passion and innovation.

Since winning the award I’ve felt like a celebrity at times. I received such an overwhelming response and support, and continue to do so from family, friends, work colleagues, suppliers and friends across the whole travel, meetings, and events industry.

My profile has certainly been raised both internally and externally, winning several internal awards and having just recently been promoted to Agiito’s Proposition Manager for Sustainability, Air and Ancillary. I’m regularly asked to attend panel sessions to discuss sustainability across our industry and sit on several industry board sustainability groups.

For anyone considering entering the 2023 awards, I would say go for it. Invest in your people. It’s important to give recognition for the passion, hard work and results your people bring to your organisation and customers.