June 14, 2024

People Awards: Meet the 2022 Account Manager of the Year

James Connell, StaySitu Senior Account Manager, no longer feels imposter syndrome since winning a Business Travel People Award

It’s a real privilege to be awarded Account Manager of the year against some real worthy and deserving nominees. Having to stand up and collect the award in front of so many business travel greats was a mind-blowing moment and one I will never forget. 

When I heard my name, I felt complete shock and surprise. I genuinely wasn’t expecting my name to be called out. I was too busy applauding the highly commended and thinking – maybe I can try again next year and see if I can get to highly commended status!

After winning the award, there was a huge wave of support and love from everyone within Situ, which is testament to everyone in the business being behind any awards we win. It really is a team effort, a bit of a cliché I know, but the team spirit at Situ is really genuine and powerful.  My family were just as shocked as me, especially as I hadn’t even told them about the awards. We had a bit of a family celebration, with maybe a drink or two!

Overall I feel like winning the award has really boosted my confidence. Where I may, from time to time, have held back or felt reticent to offer an opinion or advice, particularly to new clients, I now have the validation that I am an expert and know what I am talking about when it comes to extended stay accommodation options. We all suffer with imposter syndrome at times and this award win has certainly helped to ban that type of thinking.

My clients were over the moon for me and felt it was justly awarded. It was great to have their validation and recognition and is further evidence of just how strong Situ client partnerships are.

It’s a fantastic achievement to be recognised by the Business Travel People Awards in front of so many people and for the long-lasting impact after the event. Also the trophy is a good party talking point!