February 25, 2021

Open for Business: What Happens When Travel Stops

What happens when business travel stops? And more importantly, how do we prepare for when it resumes?

This episode looks at how travel managers continue driving value with business travel on pause. While it might seem that the travel manager role becomes redundant when business travel stops, companies need their travel managers now more than ever.  Travel managers are preparing their organizations and travelers for when business travel inevitably resumes. They are ensuring that their programs and policies prioritize traveler health and safety while controlling costs and saving money.

Open for Business guests this week are Caroline Strachan, managing partner at Festive Road, and Mira Rosenzweig, Enterprise Customer Success Manager at TripActions and previous director of travel services at KBB Partners. Together, they’ll help us understand how travel managers can prepare their organizations to get back to business and business travel safely.

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