June 14, 2024

Norsk e-Fuel to ramp up SAF production 

Norsk e-Fuel has signed offtake and investment agreements with Norwegian Air Shuttle and Cargolux Airlines International SA for the supply of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).

The E-fuel project developer will supply fossil free fuel to the aviation industry after 2026, with production starting in Mosjøen, Norway. Plans for two additional plants by 2030 are underway.

The total volume of the offtake agreements covers more than 140,000 tonnes of fuel supply. 

Norwegian will also join Norsk e-Fuel’s shareholder group, which is now led by existing shareholder Paul Wurth. The plant supplier has raised its investment by an additional € 5.5 million.

Karl Hauptmeier, CEO of Norsk e-Fuel, said: “We have ambitious plans to ramp-up e-Fuel production as soon as possible to deliver fossil free fuels to the aviation industry. The commitment of our new partners Cargolux and Norwegian and the reaffirmed support of the founding member and shareholder Paul Wurth show how critical the role of e-Fuels is in shaping a future for aviation that is free from fossil fuels — both in Norway and across Europe.”

Richard Forson, CEO and President of Cargolux, added: “Cargolux is proud to join the Norsk e-Fuel project. E-Fuel will be a major pillar to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050 in aviation. 

“E-Fuels are based on abundant feedstock such as carbon dioxide and when produced with green electricity, this project will provide one of the highest greenhouse gas savings compared to conventional jet fuel. We look forward to offering our customers the option to have the ability to voluntarily enhance their sustainability initiatives through the use of e-Fuels for their shipments as of late 2026.”