May 26, 2024

Messages to Boris

Travel professionals have joined together to put pressure on the UK Government to restart travel. Here are some of their messages to the Prime Minister...

Suzanne Neufang, CEO GBTA
“The Travel Day of Action is an opportunity for the Travel industry to unite, to lobby governments across the UK for decisive action, to allow the safe return to travel. Business travel is crucial, contributing $1.4 trillion annually to the global economy, a return to travel is needed to give a much needed economic boost.”

Sonia Michaels, Head of Business Travel Services and Events, Advantage Travel Partnership
“We all need to speak up for travel. We are deeply concerned about the impact the pandemic is having on people’s livelihoods, with many more jobs on the brink.”

Scott Davies, CEO of ITM
“Jobs and businesses in the travel industry are being lost for ever. People’s livelihoods have been decimated. But the government has shamefully neglected the travel sector. If the only thing that the Travel Taskforce can come up with is the chaotic traffic light system, it’s no wonder our industry is saying enough is enough.”

Clive Wratten, CEO of the BTA
“It’s time for the Government to understand the significant impact the travel shutdown has had on travel businesses, but most importantly on their employees.”

Scott Pawley, Managing Director Global Travel Management
‘If the travel industry can organise safe travel to city centres around the UK in order to make this request, the travel industry can make travel safe anywhere it’s necessary. But we need you, Prime Minister, to make sure the travel industry is safe first.’

Jason Oshiokpekhai, Managing Director of Global Travel Collection UK
“With now over 75% of our population having received a vaccination and over 50% having been double vaccinated, with other countries on par or progressing at pace, it is inconceivable that we find ourselves no further on than we were this time last year, in the peak of the pandemic.  

“As one of the last industries standing, 15 months on, without trade or industry-specific support – we need immediate intervention to establish a sustainable, transparent and comprehensive global travel recovery plan. Not a string of false promises, mismatched information and changes at the eleventh hour.” 

Charlie Cornish, MAG Group CEO
“Despite holding back the recovery of an industry that supports more than 1m jobs, and generates billions of pounds of value, there has been nowhere near the level of support offered to other parts of the economy.

“The whole of the travel industry recognises the need to protect public health and has supported every measure government has required in response to Covid-19. However, with so much at stake, it is simply unacceptable that government refuses to explain why it is not opening up travel to many popular destinations.”