June 15, 2024

Menopause toolkit

We check in with Cristina Chimenti, Head of Travel for Sky Group Procurement and a member of the GBTA DE&I committee, about a GBTA initiative designed to help support members and their business travellers going through the menopause

What is the initiative? 

We are pulling together a toolkit with white papers, references, podcasts and other supporting material to help raise awareness of how to support those going though the menopause, whether that’s members themselves, their colleagues in the industry or their travelling employees. 

Why is the GBTA doing this? 

As part of the GBTA DE&I committee, we feel is important to raise awareness on items impacting diversity, equity and inclusion and ensure wide representation. There are several topics we want to tackle to achieve these objectives and the menopause is an important one. 

Why is it important?  

Half of the world’s population will experience it and be impacted by the menopause – and even more so in the travel industry where the percentage of women in the workplace is higher – but it’s still not widely spoken about. Some organisations are quite advanced and have openly spoken about it but in others there isn’t much awareness. Raising awareness of the situation is the first step and hopefully, with access to information, more companies will make the necessary adjustments. 

How will you build the toolkit?  

The idea is to use this as a repository of information available to travel managers on various DE&I topics, like race and culture, gender equality, LGBTQ+, mental health, accessibility and more. Each topic will have its own channel with resources available in the format of white papers, research, links to websites, podcasts and videos. This will enable the GBTA DE&I committee to leverage resources already available by collating them in an easy-to-find place. 

Based on what you’ve learnt so far, what advice would you give to other travel managers?

Information is available, but it’s simply a question of knowing where to look. Hopefully, the toolkit will be one of those links that people ‘favourite’ and refer back to when they want to find out more about DE&I topics.   

How will you share the toolkit with the GBTA membership? 

The DE&I group has a LinkedIn page, which we will use to spread the news. Ware also relying on GBTA news to be circulated and will be presenting it at the GBTA Convention in Atlanta in July.