April 23, 2024

Jump in client wins for Corporate Traveller

SME specialist Corporate Traveller signed 148 new clients in August and September, the largest number since the start of the pandemic.

The business wins brought in an increase of 160% in revenue compared to the same two months in 2019.

The TMC said on average each new client is spending more than in the same period from 2019.

It said the new clients come from a diverse range of industries. Revenue from the energy, finance & banking, manufacturing, oil & gas, pharmaceutical, technology, food & beverage and healthcare industries made up over 65% of Corporate Travellers income in this period.

The client wins came as the company launched its new proprietary travel management platform, Melonin September 2021.

On the first full day after unveiling Melon in the UK, Corporate Traveller saw its best day since the start of the pandemic, with a 308% increase in enquiries.

James McIlvenna, Head of Customer Success for Corporate Traveller, said: “September saw a wave of good news hit the travel industry, from the simplification of UK travel rules to the announcement that the US would open up its borders once more to travellers in November.

“These changes, alongside Corporate Traveller’s own innovation via Melon, have bolstered traveller confidence to contribute to our most successful period since the start of the pandemic.”

Melon will begin on-boarding new UK customers from early 2022.